Clergy & Lay Leadership Development

Through the Campaign, the Diocese will provide opportunities for training, spiritual growth and professional development for clergy and laity serving the 21st Century church.  The Clergy and Lay Leadership Development Program will strengthen skills and enhance competencies needed for long-term congregational growth and organizational leadership by:

  1. Enhancing the Church Development Institute (CDI)CDI brings the strength of sound congregational development practices to the growth of healthy congregations.  By 2014, certified Diocese of Georgia trainers will lead CDI.By 2016, half of the clergy and lay leadership in the Diocese of Georgia will have completed or be enrolled in CDI.
  2. Train and Deploy Skilled Coaches in the Six Convocations: Coaches will work with clergy & lay leaders to develop their capabilities by assisting them with personal goals, setting clear objectives, and staying mission-focused through regular support and accountability. Coaches will help develop strong leaders so congregations will become vital mission centers.
  3. Identifying Six Teaching Parishes:  These parishes will help train and shape the future clergy leaders of our Diocese by serving as residencies for newly ordained persons, much as new doctors serve residencies in hospitals.  Diocesan residencies will provide three-year opportunities to learn and assimilate the best practices of mature, creative, and vital clergy leadership serving healthy, vibrant congregations.