Formation of Youth & Young Adult Leadership

Mobilizing youth and young adult leadership is crucial to the present and future of the Diocese of Georgia.  Through the Campaign, the Diocese will initiate three action steps to increase participation of youth and mobilize young adult leadership.  Through the campaign, the Diocese will:

  1. Set Up Three Intentional Communities:  Three intentional communities of four young adults each will be set up three different metropolitan centers where they will share a house and a common rule of life.  The young adults will be trained and then deployed to where other young adults gather in these metro areas. Their focus will be “relational evangelism” among those young adults seeking to bring them into the Episcopal Church.
  2. Deploy a Cadre of Trained Youth Missionaries:  Twelve trained youth missionaries will be deployed to serve for five years in 12 different communities in the Diocese.  Each will work with the Convocational Dean and parish clergy to draw youth into congregations.
  3. Endow Permanently the Position of Canon for Youth and Young Adult Ministries:  Sustained, skilled, consistent, effective leadership is essential for success with outreach to youth and young adults.  This endowment will insure the Diocese’s capacity to attract and retain the best professional to guide its programs of youth and young adults.