Congregational Development

Success with the reformation of the Diocese of Georgia will be built through mobilizing, motivating, and sustaining healthy congregations throughout the Diocese.  Healthy congregations focus inward to nurture the spiritual live of their members.  They also focus outward to engage and minister to the communities of which they are a part.  Healthy congregations are continually about the redeeming power and grace of Jesus Christ. In order to grow and sustain healthy congregations, the Campaign for the Diocese of Georgia will:

  1. Promote a Signature Outreach Ministry in Every Congregation:  To attract new members, the modern Episcopal Church must engage and minister to the communities they serve.  The Campaign for the Diocese of Georgia will develop models and training programs to help every congregation develop at least one signature ministry in its community.
  2. Take Advantage of Special Opportunities for Growth:  The Diocese will identify five congregations with exceptional opportunities for growth and give those congregations the resources needed to succeed.  These growth congregations will provide encouragement and models of success for other congregations.
  3. Plant New Churches:  The Congregational Development Campaign Team will identify three communities in the Diocese of Georgia that are favorable for planting new churches.  These churches will receive full funding, including an ordained church planter and a youth minister, to found new congregations.